• What We Believe


    We believe in the Word of God

    The Bible is the written word of God. It is our primary and final authority on all matters of theology, morality and life. Everything we believe, say, or do is based on and compared against its truth. We embrace the full gospel–not just part. And we strongly affirm the inerrancy and infallibility of the God-inspired Scriptures.


    We believe in the Fatherhood of God

    We believe that God designed His Kingdom as a family, with God Himself as Father. Jesus taught his disciples (and therefore us) to pray this way, “Our Father”. Jesus' primary purpose in coming to earth was to reveal the Father and fully make Him known. As believers in Him, we are His sons and daughters, and therefore brothers and sisters to one another.


    We believe in the superiority of Jesus Christ

    Jesus is the Son of God. The Father Himself declared from heaven “This is My Son, whom I love.” He is the Foundation and Cornerstone and Builder of His church. He is the only way, truth and life, and the only name under heaven by which we can be saved


    We believe in the Person of Holy Spirit and His ministry

    Holy Spirit is a Person. Jesus told us that Holy Spirit will teach us, comfort us, remind us of truth; that He will testify of Jesus, and will bring Jesus glory by speaking only what He hears Jesus and Father God saying. We honor and give space for His ministry in our services– He is free to move and minister to His people as He desires through the Spirit(ual) gifts He has given to all believers for the edification of the church.


    We believe people are valuable

    Every person is made in the image and likeness of God and therefore has intrinsic and inherent worth, value and significance. We are all part of one Body, the Body of Christ, and each part's presence and function is necessary for the health of the Body. We are committed to becoming an authentic community of healthy people and families, with the divine invitation of daily being molded more into His likeness by the ongoing sanctifying work of Holy Spirit in our lives.


    We believe in the community

    We are the Church, but the Church is just a part of God’s Kingdom. So naturally we will be going outside the church walls, as God has commanded and empowered us, to bless and impact the towns, cities and regions in which we live. We are committed to doing so through meeting the physical and spiritual needs of those around us, in the spheres of influence– families, communities and workplaces– God has placed us.


    We believe in the spreading of the gospel

    We embrace and support the advancement of the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ. Of first importance is the gospel of salvation through belief in Jesus Christ. We then preach, teach and equip our people in the good news of the Kingdom of God. Jesus Himself said that this was the reason He had been sent. Empowered by Holy Spirit, we become His witnesses of this gospel to the ends of the earth.